100% Stone Less/Aurous Advantage

The trade so far effects all the sale based on weighing the piece on the scale and weight (Gross Wt) so arrived is multiplied with the rate of Gold prevailing on the day. Thus, customer ends up paying Stone Wt at Gold Rate. Additionally, Making Charges is also charged on the Stone Wt. Thus, there are multiple levels where Customer ends up paying extra charges in Gold Rate for Stone Wt. There is Total Void in the market about giving the Transparency about classifying the Stone Wt in the Jewellery Weight.

That’s where Aurous Jewels carves its niche and the Company is Pioneering 100% Stone Less Concept. It means, unlike market practice, we are billing all our products on Net Wt (Gross Wt reduced by Stone Wt) of the Product thereby extending the Total Transparency to our customers in our Pricing and charging Gold Prices only on Gold Wt and not for Stone Wt. This is as enumerated in the Calculations below –

Particulars Aurous Way Market Way Advantage (Gms)
Gross Wt (Gms) 1,000 1,000
Stone Wt (Gms) 70
Net Wt (Gms) 930 1,000
Wastage (%) 8.00% 5.00%
Wastage (Gms) 74.40 50.00 (24.40)
Internal Earing 0.00 70.00 70.00
Actual Wastage 74.40 120.00 45.60
Actual Wastage (%) 8.00% 12.90% 4.90%

This depicts, clear advantage of 4.90% advantage over 1 Kg of Jewellery with CZ Stones Studded @ Stone Wt of 7%. This advantage can be higher where Stone Wt is higher.

This clarity is possible only with 100% Stone Less concept as each piece manufactured and sold by Aurous Jewels is with a Tag giving all this information on the Tag itself.

At Aurous Jewels, we are committed to create Value for our Customers by giving them Total Transparency, excellent quality of the Products and best of the Services based on futuristic technology.

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