Branch Transfer Report

Transfered No Transaction No Jewel Trans Date JewelCode Product StyleCode Collection Base Metal Base Metal Clarity Item Size Gross Wt Net Wt Tot CZWt in Gm Tot CSWT in Gm Other Met Wt Purchase Inward Date Entry by User Entry Date Remark AgeOfSale Image
{{x.FirmName}} {{x.InvoiceNo}} {{x.JewelTransDate | date:'dd/MM/yyyy'}} {{x.JewelCode}} {{x.GrpName}} {{x.StyleCode}} {{x.DesgName}} {{x.QlyName}} {{x.QlyClarity}} {{x.ItemSize}} {{x.GrossWt | number:3}} {{x.NetWt | number:3}} {{x.TotCZWt | number:3}} {{x.TotImiWt | number:3}} {{x.OtherMetalWt | number:3}} {{x.PurchaseDate | date:'dd/MM/yyyy'}} {{x.EntryBy}} {{x.JewelTransDate | date:'dd/MM/yyyy'}} {{x.Remarks}} {{x.AgeOfSale}}
Showing {{Startserial}} to {{Endserial}} of {{BTData.length}}

Metal Summary

Item Pieces : {{SumOfValue(filtered,'ItemPieces')}}

Gross Wt. : {{SumOfValue(filtered,'GrossWt') | number:3}}

Net Wt. : {{SumOfValue(filtered,'NetWt') | number:3}}

CZ Wt. : {{SumOfValue(filtered,'TotCZWt') | number:3}}

CS Wt. : {{SumOfValue(filtered,'TotImiWt') | number:3}}

OtherMet Wt. : {{SumOfValue(filtered,'OtherMetalWt')| number:3}}

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